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For parents, nothing is more important than their relationship with their children. Unfortunately, when parents split up, they often face obstacles to maintaining their relationship with their children. At Towers & Associates, P.C., we understand the inordinate stress parents are under when contact with their children is interrupted or their authority to act for their child’s welfare is undermined. We take aggressive steps to assert your parental rights, working toward outcomes that also advance the best interests of your children.

Basics of child custody in New York

Under New York State law, child custody is divided into two categories:

  • Physical custody — Physical custody involves the rights and responsibilities related to providing a residence for the child and tending to the child’s need for food, clothing, and shelter.
  • Legal custody — This is decision-making authority over the child’s health, education, welfare, religious training, and other matters.

Either category can be joint (shared by both parents) or sole (held by only one parent). If sole physical custody is awarded to one parent, the other usually has a right to frequent visitation. However, if visits are deemed not in the best interest of the child, the court can restrict or deny visitation.

Child custody is gender-neutral in New York, so the sex of the parent should not be a factor in deciding custody. However, as a practical matter, there are times when it is appropriate to argue for a father’s rights or a mother’s rights.

Skillful management of a variety of child custody issues

Child custody disputes most often arise in the course of a divorce. We help parents develop parenting plans that detail their custody arrangement so they can present a settlement to the court for approval. Generally, settling custody via negotiation or mediation is beneficial, because it protects our clients from a possible adverse ruling in court. However, it is appropriate to litigate a custody issue when:

  • One parent is unfit or abusive.
  • One parent is seeking to undermine the other’s relationship with the children.
  • One parent is interfering with the other’s visitation rights.
  • A child has special needs which only one parent is equipped to manage.

Custody issues also come up after the divorce has been finalized, when a parenting plan is not working or when one parent wishes to relocate with the children out of the area or even out of the country. We advocate strongly for our clients when they need to prevent a relocation to maintain their relationship with their children. We also represent parents in motions to modify custody orders to adapt to changing circumstances in their family.

Finally, parents who were never married and seek certain rights must go through a process to establish paternity. Once paternity is legally established, the father can request custody or visitation, and the mother can request child support.

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