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Matrimonial Law

Geanine Towers & Associates, P.C. is a full-service Family, Matrimonial and Appellate Law Office.

Geanine Towers has twenty years of experience as a Family Court and Appellate Court Attorney, an Administrative Law Judge and a practitioner.

Perhaps just as importantly, Ms. Towers is also the head of a household and a devoted family woman. She understands that when you are going through a divorce your most precious personal relationships and your finances are being strained at exactly the same time.

At Geanine Towers & Associates, P.C. we approach your case with compassion, intelligence, sensibility and the determination to protect your rights and help you understand and embrace your responsibilities. Communication between the client and the attorney is paramount and Geanine Towers is accessible and will speak to you in plain English, not the legalese you might hear in court.

Often, ancillary determinations attendant to a divorce, determine the quality of life of the husband, wife and children after the split and for the rest of their lives. These are things decided in Family Court and pending a trial in Supreme Court about child support, spousal maintenance, who will be living in the marital home, and family offense issues. Just as important as any preliminary settlements or judicial determinations are separation agreements that are crafted outside of court.

We have the skills to represent your interests and protect the things you care about, before a judge has the power to make a determination that could affect these rights permanently.

ATTORNEY ADVERTISING: Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

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